Pet Web Peeves

This voicing of annoyances about the web may seem trivial this morning after England opted out of the EU and my investments took an immediate 4% hit, to say nothing of the uncertainty that this ill-thought-out move will do to us all. But sometimes it pays to decompress a bit and think about silly things. And there are a lot of silly things on the web that are fun to grouse about.

#1: Pop ups in general but a special raspberry to those pop-up surveys that jump at you when you first visit a site asking how you find the site experience. Well, how the heck do I know? I just got here. Maybe ask me when I’m done looking around but when I first enter? Give me a break.

#2: This one’s too easy. Sleazy and/or deceptive advertising. I know people expect a lot of free info on sites and someone has to pay the bills. But unfortunately many sites have signed up with ad providers of questionable ethics. (Hope I don’t get into trouble for saying this!) Sometimes they hit you like a sledgehammer, like this one: “New Rule for Cars that Have Their Headlights On All Day,” or something like that. It’s often in the form of a banner right at the top. Turns out that there is no “New Rule.” If you click you get taken to a site that tries to sell you car insurance. This ad appears on several otherwise respectable sites. I don’t know how much they get paid for running this ad but it’s not enough because it sullies their brand, at least in my mind.

#3: I don’t know what caused this survey craze, but it seems now that after every interaction with a site or service, one is asked to fill out a survey. That’s not my pet peeve; what I hate is when I first enter a site and am greeted with a popup survey of how I liked my visit before I even had a chance to look around. Is there no way the designers can figure out whether I’ve had a chance to explore first?

#4: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. This addresses various fads that sweep through the web design community. To take one example, many sites now have content that appears only when you have scrolled down far enough. I guess people think it’s nifty so they do it. My thought is don’t do anything unless it serves a purpose directly related to that of the site. If not, you run the risk of drawing viewers’ attention away from the site’s message.

… more to come. Oh, and feel free to leave a comment about your own pet peeves. This could become cathartic.😋